Protein Balls Flavours

Protein Ball Blends (250g)

By: Baller Blends

You should know that these treats require almost zilch cooking skills. All you’ve got to do is pour, stir in H2O and your fav sweetener then roll. Creamy, dreamy deliciousness that’s sure to hit your sweet spot is only moments away.

Get ready to swoon, swirl and have a ball with this berrylicious blend. This iconic flavour combo is a fruity friend for your sweet tooth, we’d go as far as to say they’re a match made in heaven.

Bursts of vibrant freeze-dried raspberries create the zinnnng amongst melt in your mouth creamy vegan white chocolate. Roll your way to bliss with this cream of the crop blend thats never too berrylicious for ya, babe. (And thats healthy to boot.)

And in case you’re not already swirling and twirling in delight over our White Choc Berrylicious blend.


Almonds, Vanilla Pea Protein (100% Non GMO Pea Protein Isolate, Natural Vanilla Powder, Xylitol (natural sweetener) and Thaumatin (Natural Fruit Protein)), Coconut Oil, certified Wheat Free Oats, White Chocolate (cocoa butter, organic coconut cream, xylitol) and freeze dried Raspberries.

+ Snack time just got a whole lot more nuts. These delectable bites of nutty comfort will melt in your mouth as you ride the wave of hazelnut all the way to the island of blissful satisfaction. If you ever wished there was a creamy, delicious AND healthy hazelnut ball to brighten up your day, you can bet your balls this blend is made for you.

Do nut worry because whipping up these delectable bite-sized morsels requires almost zilch cooking skills. All you’ve got to do is pour, stir in H20 and your fav sweetener then roll.


Natural Hazelnuts, Raw Cashews, Pea Protein (100% Natural and Non-Genetically Modified Pea Protein Isolate), Organic Cinnamon, Coconut Butter, Raw Carob Powder, Erythritol (Natural Sweetener).

Sometimes you want just one bite, but the best of both worlds. Sweet, salty and oh so smooth, this salted caramel blend is a one way ticket to flavour town. Plunge into an ocean of ooey gooey caramel goodness and leave with a kiss of salt on your lips. If you ever wished there was a crunchy, golden AND healthy ball to tingle your tastebuds, this blissful blend is made for you.  

A true tastebud getaway combines the sweet with the salty. And getaways  - well they should mean kicking your feet up and enjoying every delicious moment. That’s why this blend requires almost zilch cooking skills. All you’ve gotta do is pour, stir in H20 and your fav sweetener, then roll. And like magic, little sweet treats with double the yum roll into your hands.


Almonds, Pea Protein (non GMO Pea Protein Isolate, vanilla bean extract, Xylitol and Thaumatin*), Coconut Oil, Certified Wheat Free Oats, Organic Mesquite powder, Cacao Nibs and pink Himalayan salt. *natural sweeteners.