Evella Co - Bath Soaks

Botanical Bath Soaks (125g)
By: Evella Co

Handmade in Sydney, Australia from local and imported ingredients with love and care.

Infused with pure Eucalyptus and Rosemary essential oils, hand crafted dried orange slices this soak will refresh the senses and provide that vitamin boost we all need. Soak in our Epsom Salt Bath (used for hundreds of years as a healing agent) to help relieve those joints and muscles, feel relaxed and clear. The added touch of our hand cut and home dried Australia Oranges brings that luxurious day spa vibe to your own abode.

Have your skin feeling rejuvenated and silky smooth after bathing in our Pink French Clay bath soak. Pink clay has holds many benefits some of which can improve skin elasticity and cell renewal in turn can result in younger-looking skin. This brew is nourishing and detoxifying, full of minerals and magnesium, sit back and let the ingredients work their magic. 

Infused with pure Lavender essential oil these bath salts tick all the boxes to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own abode.
Sit back in a warm relaxing bath or foot soak and let the stress drift away. Inhale the soothing essential oil to relax the mind and soul while the Epsom Salts – used for hundreds of years as a healing agent – work wonders on those tired and sore muscles.
The added touch of Organic Lavender flowers and Organic Red Rose Petals will have you believing your home is a luxe day spa.